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Dewey Dovel

My Testimony *Note: The text and numbers that are included in parenthesis are references to verses in The Bible. They are included for support and encouragement to all who read .... read more

Stanley Cook

I have known God's plan of salvation for most of my life. Knowing what to do and doing something are of course, two very different things. I now believe with all my heart that the.... read more

Bob Williamson

I was homeless and did not have a single penny to my name. I was addicted to drugs and had been released from Prison in New Orleans. I had several acquaintances that had died from.... read more


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Anonymous  - Trusting through the wilderness
brianna bush
Robin  - Teach your children about God early on.
Jason Daniels
Jason  - Prayer can mend a broken family.
Dale Gibson
Dale  - Scarifice is the true meaning of love.

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