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My passion for God had grown. I'd been seeking God for purpose and direction. One day I had an idea. 'What if there was a website in which testimonies could be uploaded and shared with people all around the world by a click of a button. I asked a couple of friends about the idea and they thought it would be a great way to help inspire a lost world. Well after some further thought, I said to myself ok this could be a great idea but what would I call it. I thought wow there are so many domain names out there I may never find a name that is easy to remember and makes sense. The next day I woke up and the name hit me. "Gotestify!" I said wow what a name but there is no way that name is available. Low and behold when I searched online I found that not only was that name available as a .org but so was the .net and the .com. I saw this as a sure sign that God was behind me. There was just one problem. I was married with two kids and dead broke! I had a five star education but no job and with no job means no money. I had a dream but no money or resources to make it reality. Not to mention close to $200,000 in debt between my wife and I. To make matters worse, we could barely make ends meat. About a month later and little change in our lives, I began to pray and I asked God, 'God if you gave me this great then you will have to make it happen, you will have to make the provision for this to become real.'



So two weeks later and no change in site, I decided to step out in faith. As I was searching for a new job, a friend of mine told me about a site in which is designed for Christian canidates. Though while on the site looking for a job, I discovered that you could also post projects for Christian freelance designers to perform. I decided to post my project idea for Gotestify.org but the lowest price for a project was about $100.00. Well I knew that to do a project such as this would could a few thousand dollars normally. Unfortuately for me the lowest price for the project was $100 more than what I had in the bank. Then about a week later a gentleman emailed me stating that he was willing to work on and complete the project for $100. I was astounded and again God was telling me keep going, trust me, don't give up hope! How would I get the money I thought? Then I thought well maybe when I do get a job, then I will have money to pursue my dream but my countless job interviews led to no good end.



Then about 3 weeks later, it was a Saturday, I received a call from a long time friend of mine who lived 1000s of miles away. He asked me how I was doing and then out of the blue told me that he had just received a bonus check from his work performance and wanted to give me $500.00. I could not believe it. I nearly dropped the phone. At that moment I knew that God had not given up on me or my idea and that in spite of me he was going to make this dream become a reality. I was amazed God had provided a way. Not only did I have the $100.00 to pay someone for completing the project but also I had $400.00 to help me pay my rent. God had not only taken care of my financing my dream but also took care of me. All because my heart was open to serving, I was obedient to his call, and I was committed to action by steping out in faith!



Four months later www.Gotestify.org, a dream I had one day became a reality. Today Gotestify.org reaches the lives of people all around the world, inspiring, encouraging, and confirming that there is a God and if that if you trust him, fully obey his command, and committ yourself to action by faith he will not only deliver you from your circumstances but also make a way for your dreams to come true and even give you a little bit more to live off of! You've tried everything else, now give God a try!



Written by J. Morgan


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