At, we recognize the counseling needs of all people. Our goal is to serve you through all developmental or psychological needs you may have. We believe the best way to counsel you, is to first develop a relationship and get to know you personally. Through our counseling sessions we intend to listen, learn, and help you let go of difficulties that trouble you. Our educated counselors are required to have a formal education in psychology as well as at least 5 years of ministry experience. Our counselors will address every need you have from a psychological as well as a spiritual perspective.


Our tactics are based upon applying a proprietary philosophy known as the 3A rule. The 3A rule philosophy states that an individual must first Acknowledge an area of difficulty, Accept its importance in development and growth, and Apply needed action in order to create a change. Our goal is help every person with every need through observation, ministry, prayer and follow-up. Our goal is never to turn away someone in need. During our counseling process, although we cannot ever guarantee a desired result, however we can ensure that our team of counselors will give their greatest effort to help bring wholeness to your needs. If you are hurting emotionally, spiritually or mentally and are in need of professional help that can also advise you from a spiritual perspective, look no further. Click on the link below and allow our counselors to begin helping you. Addressing your needs is our vehicle to serve!

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